A brand new feel-good pop song Jasmine from Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi, an American/Estonian pop artist just released his brand new single Jasmine.
 This positive and catchy tune with it's unique vocal twist is written along with a Finnish producer Joonas Parkkonen, well known in Finland from his former band Santa Cruz and as a sought after producer having worked with the likes of Robin Packalén, KUUMAA, Topi Latukka etc. Other authors Daniel Levi and Estonian producer Ago Teppand previously co-wrote a viral hit On&On which has now racked up over 586 million streams on Spotify and Youtube.

"Daniel played the first demo of the song to me and I fell in love instantly. We tweaked a few bits here & there, put some disco sparkle over it and voilà ! It's always great to work with Daniel, he's so humble and nice, and also an amazing singer," shares Joonas about the collaboration.

“I am so honoured that two musical legends like Joonas and Ago were also inspired by this song and message and decided to work with me in bringing it to life. I hope this song brings an ear-to-ear smile to your face and puts a care-free dance in your step!” adds Daniel.

Photo by Kristi Tüvi / 

Jasmine is about how every now and then it’s worth looking back and celebrating where you’ve come and what sort of a person you’ve become. “The most cliche thing happened - I went to Bali and got inspired and started writing this song about the journey of relationships. This is the opposite of a break-up song, it’s a make-up song about enjoying the moment but not forgetting the road that brought you to where you are,” says Daniel about the idea of the song.

The colourfilled visual world around Jasmine was created by young filmmakers Romet Esko and Raul Esko with whom a crazy and cheerful music video for the song was filmed.

Have a listen and go see the video: https://lnk.to/jasmine 

Creating the artist photos by photographer Kristi Tüvi was funded by European Regional Development Fund through Enterprise Estonia.

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