Anna Kaneelina released a music video for “What Have I Done for Love”

When singing this song, in a way I feel like preaching. I am not afraid and I am not ashamed. I allow myself to be just as I am at that point in time, telling my truth. I have searched and gone astray, and have come to some answers. Through these searches and through some momentary enlightenment, I have seen myself and who I really am, who I could be every day! But in reality, keeping that zen is difficult and it’s a choice you have to make every day. It reminds me of what I as a human being should strive for time and time again.

This song is about the struggle between ego and soul. At some point the ego breaks and you realise something much bigger. You learn to understand yourself, love and life. How everything is love – we can choose love and do every little thing through love. Love is the air.

It is, in a sense, the story of pursuing ideals while knowing that there is no such thing. There is no ideal. But you try to reach for it anyway and do your best at being the person you want to be.

It is a love story in the greatest sense. How the only real driving force in life should be love. Till you’ve not experienced true love, you may confuse it with many other feelings ... like lust, desire etc. If you act upon these feelings thinking it’s driven by love a lot of things can go wrong. But it’s all part of the live and learn process. It's the story of dealing with those feelings. How to get to that point that you are no longer looking for love outside of yourself but know that this feeling is always there within you. And the way you choose to live is carried by that feeling of love each moment.

Director, cinematographer, practical effects: Jekaterina Abramova
Camera assistants: Alis Mäesalu, Teddy Puusepp
Style/assistant: Kärt Hammer
Editors: Alis Mäesalu, Jekaterina Abramova, Hans Ulman
Color grading: Alis Mäesalu, Hans Ulman
Visual effects: Carlos Lesmes
Special thanks: Janina Sarantšina, Max-grip, Agnes Torm, Dr. Konstruktor
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