Daniel Levi's new song "Over The Moon" competing for a place at Eurovision, originated from a lullaby for children

Last night, along with other qualified entries for the Estonian national selection for Eurovision, “Eesti Laul”, Daniel Levi's song "Over The Moon" was released. The captivating ballad, now accompanied by the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, originated from a lullaby that the artist wrote for his children.

“There is something about that moment when you are drifting off into sleep - you start to reflect on what has happened, but also dream about what the future might have in store. When I was standing by the bunk bed, putting my daughters to sleep, a melody popped in my head and I started humming it as a lullaby. At first I was only mumbling some words, trying to keep up with the melody I was making, but after a few nights I had the phrase "Last night I dreamt I jumped over the moon..." says Daniel Levi about how the song came to be.

“It’s about creating a space for people we love, where they feel safe enough to dream, explore and why not travel the cosmos to find out what really matters most. The world is such an uncertain place right now with one crisis after another that daring to dream big is harder and harder to come across,“ reflects Daniel.

The song "Over The Moon" was written in collaboration with the talented Estonian producer Vallo Kikas and the well-known Swedish artist and songwriter Victor Crone, who himself represented Estonia at the Eurovision a few years ago. According to Victor, he is ready to travel to Tallinn for the final of the Estonian Song Contest to support Daniel with backing vocals. The orchestral arrangement is created by a renowned Estonian composer Tõnu Kõrvits.

Daniel Levi will perform at the finals of the competition on February 17. The artist is also set to take stage at one of the most influential showcase festivals in Europe - Eurosonic Noorderslag in the Netherlands on January 19th. Daniel recently also released his debut studio album “14/02” in collaboration with a well known UK label NCS.

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