Erki Pärnoja's "Lageda Taeva All" out now

New track “Lageda Taeva All” (“Under the open sky”) from Erki Pärnoja's upcoming album “Jäljed” (“Traces”) is out today. Full album will be released on 23rd of February. The new album marks an important milestone in his genre-bending pursuit of blending acoustic and electronic sounds, being his first piece written for chamber orchestra and a five-piece band.

The initial ideas for the album emerged during the first pandemic lockdown and gradually started revealing their meaning over time through personal encounters, conversations and self-reflection in a changed and chaotic world. However, what began as a meditative creative process in isolation developed into a collaboration including more musicians than any of his previous works.

The highly acclaimed Tallinn Chamber Orchestra's sound, along with Pärnoja's ethereal guitar and synthesizer textures, plays a key part on the new album. The orchestra was recorded in the national broadcasting studios of Estonian Radio and the album's production was given its finishing touches by Pärnoja's longtime collaborator Filip Leyman in Gothenburg, Sweden. “Jäljed” is Pärnoja's seventh album created in collaboration with Leyman.

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