Finnish vocal ensemble made a new acapella version of Daniel Levi's song Jasmine

Today, Finnish vocal ensemble Rajaton shared a brand-new version of Daniel Levi's well-known song "Jasmine". The acapella arrangement created by our northern neighbours’ gives the song a completely new and unique sound, and instead of instruments, only vocals can be heard in the song.

The original version of the single uses many vocal elements, which inspired to work with the vocal ensemble to give the song a whole new life. Arrangement created by Rajaton brings together different music genres, bringing freshness and novelty to the song. 

“It’s so refreshing to hear how your song sounds through someone else’s fantasy! I put on Rajaton’s version of "Jasmine" for the first time in my car and got such an experience! I am so happy that this song also speaks and inspires our dear northern neighbors,” Levi said. 

“Jasmine” was originally created in Estonian-Finland collaboration with Estonian artist and songwriter Daniel Levi, songwriter Ago Teppand and Finnish producer Joonas Parkkonen. Ilka Herkman and Svante Forsbäck from Finland also contributed to the track. Collaboration with Rajaton helps to build an even stronger bridge between Estonian-Finnish artists and different genres. 

“We had such a great time collaborating with Daniel and making the a cappella version of Jasmine! The song really has an uplifting and positive vibe to it and we feel that that is exactly what the world needs right now,” said Rajaton about the collaboration.

Rajaton is a 6-member acapella vocal ensemble from Finland, they have been active since 1997 and performed on several European stages. In their home country, Finland, Rajaton is well-known and beloved vocal ensemble having released 16 albums and reached the Finnish Top 10 charts.

Special thanks to the Estonian Institute in Finland.

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