Daniel Levi lifts the mood with a groovy new song Uncle John

Today Daniel Levi, pop artist from Estonia released a fresh and groovy new song called Uncle John. Artist well known for his electronic pop songs, surprises with a brand new soulful sound. Infused with elements of funk music, this catchy and upbeat tune talks about Daniel’s very own uncle, a street musician from Canada who has always been a great influence for the artist.

“My uncle has had the most colorful life and crazier adventures than anyone I’ve ever met. He does everything differently than everyone else and often drives people around him up the wall. But at the end of the day when he grabs his guitar and starts playing his favorite tunes by The Beatles for example, he just draws everyone in and creates this wonderful atmosphere and people just gravitate towards him,” explains Daniel.

The song Uncle John was written by Daniel Levi Viinalass along with a Finnish producer Leo Jupiter. “Working with Daniel was effortless! Most of the song was done in just a few sessions, like in many cases where vibes, feelings and energies of different people just click,” shares Leo about writing together.

Uncle John himself features in the song at one point, as well as the whole family of the artist who did all the ad libs and gang vocals for the track. Also the guitar used to record the song originally belonged to uncle John who gave it to Daniel as a present a couple years back.

Uncle John, newest release by Daniel Levi is now available on all streaming platforms. https://lnk.to/unclejohn 

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Here's the music video:

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