Egert Milder’s new pop folk song and music video shot in a big cucumber farm

Pop folk artist Egert Milder just released his catchy new single “Your Green Is Better” along with a bright and playful music video capturing the last hints of carefree end-of-summer vibes.

Egert’s previous single Georgia (On My Mind) released earlier this year, was the first to receive wider international attention and found new fans all over Europe. Following the feel-good energy of his last release, “Your Green Is Better” playfully tells a story about how people often say how grass always seems to be greener on the other side, but what an amazing realization it is to acknowledge that your absolute favorite kind of green is right beside you.

“This song really is a fun one! I feel like this year more than ever people have had the time to be with their most loved and favorite ones, and maybe this song is a good reminder to also actually tell them that every now and then,” says Egert.

The upbeat folk pop song is accompanied by a fun music video filmed in a greenhouse of a cucumber farm. It is a one-shot music video, meaning that it is one long scene that hasn’t been cut in any way. “It was quite an effort to plan the movement of the camera so that no one would be accidentally seen in the scenes at the wrong time. And if the end result looks easy and playful then I can say that behind the camera there was a lot of serious running around going on so that all the participants could reach their positions in time. It became like a high level sudoku but as with any great effort, the end result is all the sweeter!” shares Egert.

The song is written by Egert Milder along with a German songwriter and producer Matteo Capreoli and Kaspar Kalluste, producer/songwriter from Estonia. The three have collaborated on all the released songs to date by Egert Milder and continue writing together.

Listen to the new song and watch the music video for Egert Milder “Your Green Is Better” here:

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