We joined the Keychange pledge

Keychange is a movement fighting for a sustainable and balanced music industry. 

The Keychange programme highlights that women are still significantly under-represented in the music industry, on stage and behind the scenes. Keychange also demonstrates the positive impact of targeted investment in female talent and the demand for change amongst the current generation of artists and music industry professionals forging a career in music.

By crowdsourcing ideas and suggestions from Keychange partners and participants the following recommendations for the music industry, national governments, European Parliament and European Commission were formulated.

These recommendations call for collective action and relate to challenges in the following core areas:

  1. Working conditions & lack of senior role models: Addressing recruitment, remuneration, career development and sexual harassment policies in a male dominated workforce

  2. Investment: Making more funds available, from the industry and public sector at national and European level, for targeted programmes which empower underrepresented artists and industry professionals

  3. Research: Commissioning an independent analysis of the current gender gap, including an economic impact study of companies with increased female participation and efficacy studies of programmes and activities to improve gender balance

  4. Education: Promoting role models and career campaigns in schools which tackle gender stereotypes and diversify career options for young men and women.

Find out more about Keychange here: https://www.keychange.eu

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